5 Uniqueness of Sai Oua, Typical Thai Sausages with Oblique Pieces

5 Uniqueness of Sai Oua, Typical Thai Sausages with Oblique Pieces

Sausage refers to a type of food made from minced meat (or parts of animal fat), seasoned with various spices and other complementary ingredients, and wrapped (shaped) lengthwise. Initially, sausages were wrapped using animal intestines but now many have switched to synthetic materials.

Well, in Thailand, there is a typical sausage, you know. His name is Sai Oua. The following are its uniqueness which is interesting to know.

1. Sai Oua is identical with dark brown color and served with oblique pieces

Read as “sii-ooh-ah”, this Thai-style sausage is synonymous with dark brown color, a longer shape than normal sausages, and the filling is fermented minced meat. In addition, Sai Oua is served in an oblique manner.

2. Sai Oua can be eaten directly, or completed with side dishes

When served, Sai Oua can be eaten on its own or accompanied by other foods such as sticky rice. In addition, there are also additions in the form of cucumbers, nuts, raw lettuce, green onions, and soy sauce mixed with slices of cayenne pepper.

3. Sai Oua is specially made from minced meat from pork

Investigate that, Sai Oua is typical with minced meat from pork. In other words, for Muslim tourists, this sausage is not recommended as an option for culinary tours when traveling to Thailand.

4. Sai Oua has a taste appeal that comes from Thai spices

Another uniqueness of Sai Oua is the use of spices formulated from Thai spices. As a result, you can feel the local flavor. This sausage can be eaten as a snack, or as an appetizer.

5. Sai Oua is more common in northern Thailand, and is also a well-known food in Laos

Sai Oua is apparently more common in northern Thailand. In addition, Sai Oua is also known in Laos. Due to these geographically adjacent regions, some of the culinary specialties of northern Thailand and Laos are similar to one another.

Sausage is a familiar dish. The filling ingredients also vary from meat to seafood. Eits, for Sai Oua, Muslim travelers must really know so they don’t get eaten. Hopefully the information above can enrich your insight, yes!

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