7 Typical Guatemalan desserts, a reference for sweet treats at home

7 Typical Guatemalan desserts, a reference for sweet treats at home

Guatemala is one of the countries in Central America which has a diverse culture, including its culinary delights. Some of the country’s culinary delights are almost similar to Mexico. In addition, the basic ingredients used are easily found in other tropical areas, such as chayote and banana.

Want to make your own dessert and be different from usual? Here are seven typical Guatemalan desserts that you can make a reference. Let’s check this out!

1. Polvorosas

Polvorosas are a popular dessert in several countries, including Guatemala, Venezuela, and Colombia. Even though it is similar, what distinguishes it from other countries is the sprinkling of refined sugar on it.

These little cakes that you can eat in one go are made of flour. While the distinctive taste comes from the addition of cinnamon. In Indonesia, at first glance it is similar to bagea cake.

2. Borracho

Still with sweet desserts, borracho is one of those desserts that you can easily find in Guatelama. This is actually a light sponge cake smothered in syrup. Not ordinary syrup, but rum syrup or liquid sugar cooked in cinnamon.

While the topping is fresh fruit. There is also cornstarch pudding mixed with milk. You can also add raisins to make it even richer.

3. Rellenitos de platano

Apart from cakes, there are rellenitos de platano which is the next sweet dessert. Even though it’s made from bananas, it’s not just fried bananas, you know. But banana mashed, then filled with nuts.

The nuts are cooked with chocolate and sugar or honey. Don’t forget, keep adding cinnamon to the banana that has been mashed before. Then fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It can be served warm or cold.

4. Chancelatas

If you often find chayote in the form of lodeh or sauteed vegetables, try making a dessert. As strange as it may seem to you, in fact chancelatas are easy to find throughout Latin America, you know.

Chancelatas are made from boiled chayote, then cut into pieces. After that, the pulp is taken and mashed with other mixtures, including sugar, cinnamon, and raisins. Uniquely, the filling is put back on the chayote skin and baked.

5. Pan de banano

Again using bananas as a basic ingredient, this time there is pan de banano. This simple banana bread is a classic dessert in Guatemala. In addition, it is fairly easy to manufacture.

The basic ingredients for an authentic taste are simply flour, sugar, banana and cinnamon. However, it is often added raisins and other flavorings, such as vanilla.

6. Empanadas dulces

At first glance, Empanadas Dulces is similar to the wet pastels that you often encounter among the snack markets. However, this one dessert has a sweet taste and a sprinkling of sugar on it. While the filling is in the form of fruit jam or vanilla cream.

You can easily find this sweet dessert in bakeries in its home country. Traditionally, it has been part of the celebrations leading up to Easter.

7. Bocado de reina

Different from the previous desserts, this time it is made from leftover bread. If you have leftover bread, you can make it yourself at home. Just add sweetened condensed milk, eggs, vanilla extract and cinnamon.

Meanwhile, another variation is to add mashed bananas. There are also raisins or choco chips.

Those were the seven typical Guatemalan desserts that you can use as a reference for making sweet dishes at home. Which one do you want to do?

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