7 Typical Drinks of the Dominican Republic, Some are from Fermented Bark

7 Typical Drinks of the Dominican Republic, Some are from Fermented Bark

The Dominican Republic is one of the maritime countries in the Caribbean Sea that has amazing natural beauty. Uniquely, the culture of the local community is influenced by a mixture of Europe, Taino and Africa. This also affects the culinary wealth of this country, including the types of drinks.

Do you want to enjoy a refreshing drink from the Dominican Republic? Here are seven typical drinks from the country that you can enjoy, even make yourself at home. Come on, watch!

1. Helado de batata

Helado de batata at first glance is similar to ice lolly or can be put in a mold and given an ice cream stick. If ice cream or popsicles often use fruit as an ingredient, helado de batata is made from sweet potatoes.

Before being used as a drink, sweet potatoes are first chopped, boiled, and mashed. While other additions, namely coconut milk and milk.

To make it even more delicious, you can add vanilla extract. You can also add other fillings such as bananas or raisins.

2. Mabi

Mabi or mavi is a popular carbonated drink that is a specialty of the Dominican Republic. This drink is made from fermented mabi tree bark. As for commercial purposes, it is usually given a mixture of white and brown sugar.

How to drink it like beer by adding ice cubes. Often compared to root beer. Some people think it tastes like apple cider with added flavor and is carbonated.

3. Mama Juana

Another unique drink from the Dominican Republic, namely mama juana. The drink is made from a mixture of rum, red wine, and honey and then allowed to soak in the bark and spices.

Reporting from the Vine Pair page, the drink is considered a panacea. Created by Jesus Rodriguez in the 1950’s for herbal medicine. This drink is useful as an aphrodisiac, helps digestion, and cleanses the blood to the kidneys.

4. Morir Sonando

Apart from unique drinks, now there are also refreshing drinks that you can make yourself at home. Morir sonando is made from a mixture of orange and milk. Usually added sugar, vanilla extract, and ice cubes.

Apart from oranges, you can also use other fruits such as lime, passion fruit or others. You can also use almond milk for vegan morir sonando. Usually served in the summer. Can you imagine how fresh it is?

5. Jugo de avena

Want a simple and refreshing breakfast? Try making jugo de avena yourself at home. This one drink is made from oats and milk. If oats are usually served hot or warm, this is different from jugo de avena.

Jugo de avena is made from a mixture of skim milk, oats, sugar, ice and lime juice. You can use water as a substitute for milk. If you don’t like lime, you can use another fruit that is cut and blended with oats.

6. Chocolate de mani

Don’t be fooled by the name chocolate de mani. This one drink does not contain chocolate at all, but nuts.

Chocolate de mani is made from peanuts, skim milk, cinnamon and nutmeg. Instead of chocolate, this drink is rich in spices.

How to make it easy. Enough to mash the peanuts and milk. Then add other ingredients. After boiling, sprinkle with nutmeg, and ready to drink. You can also use almond milk or soy milk.

7. Batida de Lechosa

One more refreshing drink from the Dominican Republic, batida de lechosa. This drink is quite popular and is also known as a milkshake. While lechosa means papaya. But you can replace it with another fruit.

The way to make it is similar to ju, namely a blender mixture of milk, papaya pieces, sugar, ice cubes, and vanilla extract. You can also use skim milk or soy milk.

Those were the seven typical drinks of the Dominican Republic. Some range from fermented bark to refreshing milkshakes. Dare to make yourself at home?

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