The Practical Recipe for Ancient Spikoe Without an Oven, Here’s How!

The Practical Recipe for Ancient Spikoe Without an Oven, Here’s How!

Spikoe or spiku is one of Indonesia’s most classic wet cakes. We can find this cake easily in Surabaya.

This Spikoe looks beautiful with its layered brown and yellow colors. When bitten, the soft and sweet texture is so tempting.

Not only using the oven, you can also make delicious spikoe with a steamer pan, you know. Do not believe? Come on, prove it by making ancient spikoe without an oven with the recipe below!

1. The ingredients required

Yellow part material:

  • 10 egg yolks
  • 120 grams of sugar
  • 125 grams of butter
  • 50 grams of flour, sifted
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder

Chocolate part material:

  • 10 egg yolks
  • 125 grams of sugar
  • 125 grams of butter
  • 35 grams of wheat flour, squeezed
  • 20 grams of cocoa powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla powder

Smear material:

buttercream to taste

2. Beat the egg yolks with butter

Before making the dough, prepare the steamer pan first. Heat water in a saucepan over low heat. Wrap the cover in a cloth, then let it boil.

After that, beat the egg yolks with sugar until thick and white. Also add the butter that has been whipped finely. Add the flour and vanilla, then mix well.

3. Steam the yellow dough until cooked

If the yellow dough is ready, immediately pour it into the baking sheet lined with baking paper. Shuffle the pan to let the air escape.

Next, put the pan in the steamer pan and cook until done. Steam for about 20-30 minutes, then remove and chill.

4. Sift flour with cocoa powder

Continue with making the chocolate cake dough. Beat the egg yolks with sugar until white. Enter the beaten butter, then stir using a mixer until blended.

After that, gradually add the sifted flour with cocoa powder and vanilla. Stir until the dough is thick and perfect.

5. Serve steamed spikoe with buttercream

Pour the mixture into the pan, then put it in the steaming pan. Steam the cake for 20-30 minutes until cooked. Remove and chill when cooked.

Next, spread buttercream over the chocolate cake until evenly distributed. Stack the yellow cakes, then cut according to taste. The ancient, soft, steamed spikoe is ready to serve!

That’s a practical way to make ancient, steamed spikoe without an oven. The taste is still delicious, guaranteed to make you addicted!

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