10 special Bhutanese foods you must taste, watch out for your addiction!

10 special Bhutanese foods you must taste, watch out for your addiction!

Who doesn’t know Bhutan? Located in South Asia, the country is popular for its natural beauty and unique traditions. Not only that, Bhutan also has a variety of specialties that are mostly influenced by India, Tibet and Nepal.

Are you curious about what specialties you can find there? Come on, look at the following reviews.

1. Ema datshi

The national dish of Bhutan, ema datshi is made from sliced fresh green chilies or dried red chilies. The preparations are then cooked with datshi which is a typical Bhutanese cheese. Add lots of butter for a better taste.

2. Shakam paa

Shakam paa is one of the best dishes made from dried beef cooked with dried chilies and radish slices. It tastes delicious with a chewy texture of meat because it has been preserved by drying it before cooking.

3. Sikam paa

Sikam paa is a typical Bhutanese food in the form of smoked meat from pork belly that has been dried in the sun. After drying, the meat is fried together with dry chilies.

4. Yaksha shakam

Considered nutritious, yaksha shakam is made from ground beef that has been processed into jerky or yak. Then the yaks are cut into small pieces and then cooked with special fermented cheese.

5. Gondo datshi

Gondo datshi in Bhutanese means scrambled eggs. The method of making it is scrambled eggs with datshi cheese, butter, and chopped dried chilies. Usually gondo datshi is served with brown rice and chili sauce.

6. Jasha Maroo

Jasha maroo is a typical Bhutanese chicken soup which is also known as chicken curry. This food has a distinctive taste and strong aroma from the spices in the form of ginger.

7. Momos

Momos is a typical Bhutanese food in the form of dumplings which is also popular in India, Nepal and Tibet. The filling is minced meat, cheese and vegetables. Momos can be steamed or fried and is best eaten with a typical Bhutanese chili sauce called ezay.

8. Hoentay

It looks like momos. It’s just that the hoentay is made from buckwheat dough with a filling of spinach or local radish leaves and cheese. Cooked by steaming or frying is just as delicious.

9. Khatem

Khatem is a typical Bhutanese dish of thinly sliced bitter melon then fried in butter and some local spices. It’s tasty and not too bitter.

10. Goen hogay

Goen hogay is a traditional Bhutanese cucumber salad. The cucumber is thinly sliced and then mixed with chilies, tomatoes, coriander, onions, pepper, sichuan pepper, and datshi cheese. It tastes delicious, refreshing and good for the body.

Well, that’s a delicious and popular Bhutanese specialty. Are you interested in tasting it?

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