Salak Seed Mung Bean Porridge Recipe Appealing to Tastes, Delicious!

Salak Seed Mung Bean Porridge Recipe Appealing to Tastes, Delicious!

You must be familiar with the Candil compote menu. Yes, this salak seed compote or compote is indeed one of the most popular food creations among the public.

It has a delicious taste, the candil in compote is made from sweet potato meat. Similar to candil compote, the menu this time is green bean porridge with zalacca seeds or candil which is no less delicious. So that you don’t get more curious, just take a look at the recipe below, huh!

1. Prepare the ingredients


  • 300 grams of green beans
  • 300 grams of sweet potatoes
  • 900 ml of liquid coconut milk
  • 300 ml thick coconut milk
  • 5 pandan leaves
  • 1 piece of brown sugar
  • 7 tablespoons of corn starch
  • ½ teaspoon salt

2. Boil the green beans with coconut milk until they are cracked

Wash the green beans. Then boil the liquid coconut milk and pandan leaves that have been tied in a knot in the pan. Then add the green beans and boil, stirring until the beans are soft. When the green beans appear to be chopping, reduce the heat and keep cooking for a few moments.

3. Boil the sweet potato then puree

While waiting for the green beans to be ready to be removed, wash the sweet potatoes and steam them until they are cooked and soft. Remove the sweet potato then mash it while hot after previously peeling the skin.

4. Make a candil dough then boil it until it floats

To make zalacca seeds, make a dough from sago flour and fine sweet potato. Knead the dough until it becomes smooth and shapeable. Take the dough to taste then form a round shape of the salak seed mixture with both hands.

Do this step until it runs out. Then boil the salak seed mixture until it floats. Remove and set aside.

5. Serve the zalacca green bean puree while it’s hot!

Next, put the brown sugar in the green bean stew and stir until it dissolves. Pour the thick coconut milk and a little salt, then add the zalacca seeds.

On the other hand, dissolve sago flour with enough water, then pour it into the peanut pulp. Cook the puree until it boils and thickens then remove from heat and serve.

Hmmm, from the shape and aroma alone, this zalacca green bean porridge is definitely tempting. It is suitable if it is served as an iftar menu during the month of Ramadan. Good luck!

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