Practical Recipe for Folded Gimbap, a Trending Food in Korea

Practical Recipe for Folded Gimbap, a Trending Food in Korea

For Korean drama lovers, they must be familiar with this one dish. Gimbap is a dish originating from Korea which is made from rice, cut vegetables, meat, eggs, which are then rolled in a sheet of nori or dried seaweed.

This dish is served to eat during picnics, outdoor events, and can be served as a lunch together with kimchi or ramyun.

Often rolled up, this time the gimbap comes in a square shape and is made folded. For those who are curious, let’s see the recipe!

1. Prepare the ingredients

Ingredients (for 3 gimbap):

  • 3 chicken eggs
  • 1 can of beef luncheon
  • 3 slice cheese
  • 1 bowl of rice
  • 3 large sheets of nori (dried seaweed)
  • 6 tsp cooking oil
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • Pinch of ground pepper

2. Bake a beef luncheon and make an omelette

Remove the beef luncheon from the can, cut the beef luncheon according to your taste, then fry it on the Teflon that has been heated using cooking oil.

After that, make an omelette using three chicken eggs. Don’t forget to add salt and ground pepper. Then, beat the eggs evenly. Then, fry the eggs until they’re cooked.

Beef spam can be replaced with sausage or corned beef. You can also use scrambled eggs or add additional seasonings. Just adjust it to your taste!

3. Cut the nori, then arrange the filling on top of the nori

Prepare a large nori that has been cut in the middle first. Place a slice of cheese on top of the nori, then place the rice and spread it over the nori. Use just enough rice and not too much to make it easy to fold.

Next, place two pieces of fried beef luncheon. Finally, place the cut omelet in a square shape on top of the nori.

4. Fold the gimbap

To make it more delicious, you can also add mayonnaise and chili sauce on top of beef luncheon or by adding vegetables such as lettuce and carrots.

After that, fold one side of the kimbap following the cutout of the nori or clockwise on all four sides, be careful not to spill the contents. Press the gimbap a little so that it really blends with the nori.

5. The folding gimbap is ready to be served

So that the results are tidier when cut and served, you can wrap the gimbap first using plastic wrap or parchment paper. The folding gimbap is ready to serve!

Serving folded gimbap in a lunch box for lunch at the office or enjoying with a bowl of ramyun is also delicious. Good luck!

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