Not just hamburgers, these are 5 delicious meatbreads that make you full!

Not just hamburgers, these are 5 delicious meatbreads that make you full!

Hamburger is a fast food that consists of two round breads filled with various sauces, vegetables, and meat as a complement to the dish.

This dish is popular because apart from having a complete filling, this meat bun is practically consumed anytime and anywhere, without the need for additional cutlery.

But not just burgers, there are several other meatbread snacks that can be used as alternatives to the main course or hunger-blocking snacks that are no less delicious, such as the following five interesting snacks.

1. Philly cheesesteak sliders

Philly cheesesteak is a popular sandwich dish with an appetizing filling consisting of cutlets and melted cheese, usually served in rectangular hot dog buns.

Meanwhile, specifically for the processed philly cheesesteak sliders, the bread used is Hawaiian buns, which are more generous and sufficient for family portions. This dish generally uses ribeye type meat that is processed first before being inserted with mozzarella sheets.

2. Steamed bao bun

Steamed bao bun is a popular dish, especially in Asia, traditionally this dish is usually served with pork belly and various vegetables sandwiched between the super soft buns.

But now the processed steamed bao bun can be replaced using any kind of meat, be it beef, chicken, or even tempeh if you are reducing your meat consumption. The bun itself is cooked by steaming and cutting, but not until it breaks.

3. Runsas

The next meat bun comes from a food called runsas, but in various regions there are different names, such as runza or runzas. This preparation is a dish of bread from Germany which contains meat.

Runsas has a distinctive feature of placing the meat on the inside of the bread dough and not only that, but there are additional vegetables in the form of cabbage and a little onion as a flavor enhancer.

4. Pan fried beef bun

Pan fried beef bun is quite familiarly served with various Chinese nuances and is very often used as a practical snack menu that is not only delicious, but also filling.

These preparations are made by inserting cooked beef into a bun, instead of being roasted, pan fried beef bun is cooked in a frying pan with a little oil.

5. Turkish beef pide

Turkish pide is a food that is processed using flatbread with various fillings to add flavor to the dish, the unique thing is that the shape of this Turkish pride bread is not round but elongated to resemble a boat.

The filling used in Turkish pide can be adjusted according to taste, one of which uses minced beef which is cooked with various spices and placed in the middle of the bread so that the appearance of the food is even more luscious.

Those are the five processed meat buns besides hamburgers that can be delicious alternatives at home, about the five foods above, which one do you think is the best to taste?

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