5 Melted Sweet Potatoes that Melt in the Mouth, Really Delicious!

5 Melted Sweet Potatoes that Melt in the Mouth, Really Delicious!

Sweet potato is one of the plants that thrive in the country, various preparations come with raw materials from these plants and often become a favorite for the surrounding community.

The nature of sweet potatoes that can soften when boiled, steamed, or baked makes this food very suitable for processing that easily melts.

So, if you are in the mood to enjoy a melted dish from sweet potatoes, here are five preparations that are worth trying.

1. Sweet potato casserole with marshmallow

One of the delicious preparations of sweet potatoes that melt in the mouth comes from the sweet potato casserole dish, this food is usually cooked by boiling the sweet potatoes first until soft and mixing with milk, butter, and eggs.

To increase the enjoyment of food, you can add nuts to the food so that the texture is more diverse. In addition, add marshmallows as a topping so that the melted sensation is even more pronounced.

2. Toast sweet potato tuna melt

This food adapts the sandwich preparation from toast that is crunchy and soft on the inside, the difference is that sweet potato tuna melt toast does not use any plain bread and replaces it with sweet potatoes.

The sweet potatoes need to be thinly sliced and roasted until the texture turns soft, meanwhile the filling can be mixed with the tuna with mayonnaise, pickles and sauce to make the meal even more delicious.

3. Mashed sweet potato

Not only potatoes, but sweet potatoes are also suitable to be processed into mashed sweet potatoes which have a combination of savory and sweet flavors, and have a very soft texture so they easily melt in the mouth.

To add a distinct touch of flavor to the food, add ground cinnamon and butter to the mixture so that the taste and aroma is sharper and delicious when served.

4. Breakfast twice baked sweet potato

As the name suggests, this twice baked sweet potato breakfast is suitable as a practical menu for breakfast that has a natural sweetness from sweet potatoes and savory toppings that are used as a food complement.

These foods not only melt easily in the mouth because the sweet potatoes are roasted until soft, but there are also beef eye egg inserts that are also half-cooked on the second grill which makes the preparations even more delicious.

5. Sweet potato pie

For those of you who are big fans of sweet potato dishes who are happy with the super soft texture until it melts in the mouth, processed sweet potato pie can be a delicious snack to make next.

The pie filling is processed using sweet potatoes that have been boiled and crushed with the addition of cream, butter, a little sweetener, and a few spices to bring out an appetizing aroma.

Those are the five melted preparations from sweet potatoes that can be an alternative dish for a snack menu at home. Approximately, from the five foods above, which one do you want to make in the near future?

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