Jungkook BTS’s Favorite Kombucha Tea Recipe, Many Benefits

Jungkook BTS’s Favorite Kombucha Tea Recipe, Many Benefits

At the peak of its fame, the South Korean boy group, BTS, has always succeeded in making its fans hysterical. The various products he uses or his favorite sundries always sell well in the market.

Like recently, BTS’s maknae, Jungkook, stated that he really likes drinking kombucha tea. Koombucha is a fermented drink of black tea or green tea.

Kombucha is believed to have many good benefits for the body. Among other things, improve the digestive system, heart health, and prevent inflammation. Interested in making your own? Come on, see Jungkook’s favorite kombucha tea recipe!

1. The ingredients required


  • 1 submerged kombucha mushroom or SCOBY (good bacteria)
  • 500 ml of clean water
  • 4 tbsp sugar
  • 1/4 tsp tea leaves

2. Dissolve sugar

Prepare a stainless steel pan. Don’t use an aluminum pan for maximum results.

Pour a little water then heat it over medium heat. Add sugar, boil until dissolved. After dissolving, remove and set aside.

3. Boil the tea, then strain it

Heat the water again, then boil it until it boils. After that, add the tea leaves, boil it until the water is colored. After that, remove and let stand for 2-3 minutes.

4. Mix with kombucha mushrooms

Strain the tea into a glass cup until clean. Mix with the sugar solution, stir until evenly distributed. Let it cool to room temperature. Once cool, put the tea in a jar of kombucha mushrooms, pour slowly.

5. Ferment before enjoying

When you’re done, line the lid with a clean cloth. Cover tightly, then ferment for 7-14 days, store in the kitchen cupboard before enjoying.

That’s Jungkook BTS’s favorite kombucha tea recipe that is fresh and good for the body. For starters, just consume 1/4 cup twice a day after eating. Good luck!

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