Easy and practical salmon-filled onigiri recipe, do you want to try it?

Easy and practical salmon-filled onigiri recipe, do you want to try it?

Onigiri is a Japanese dish of rice balls that are usually served with stuffing inside. In this menu, the filling used is shredded smoked salmon. Then, how is this practical and filling menu made? Listen, let’s.

1. Materials needed

Materials :

  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 container of cooked rice
  • Canned salmon or shredded salmon to taste
  • 2 sheets of yakinori

2. Soak hands in salt water

Not many people know that in making this menu, you need to put your hands in the salt water first. This method will make the taste even more savory. Dissolve the salt in the water first, then dip your hands in it.

3. Make the rice into a triangle

After that, take about 1/4 of the rice that has been provided. You can slowly start making triangles from the rice that is being made. Leave space in the middle for the filling later.

4. Fill with salmon

You can start filling in the blanks with delicious shredded salmon. Put some of it into the rice that has been shaped to close the hole. Cover again with the prepared nori.

5. Serve

You can also do the serving process directly. Serve eaten directly or for a practical and easy to make lunch menu. You can also serve it with a variety of sauces to make it tastier.

The process of making it is very easy, of course, allows anyone to process this one dish of onigiri. Try it, let’s!

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