6 dishes made with Azerbaijani goat meat that will make you drool!

6 dishes made with Azerbaijani goat meat that will make you drool!

Azerbaijan is one of the countries in the Middle East with a capital city in Baku. This Islamic country has a food that is dominated by the use of meat. Including goat meat which has become a favorite food in the Middle East which is often used as the main ingredient in making kebabs.

Apart from that, there are still some dishes made from Azerbaijani mutton, such as the following!

1. Soyutma

Although it has two versions, namely mutton and chicken, soyutma often uses goat meat. Soyutma is a slow-cook dish where mutton is simmered for hours until tender.

Soyutma is Azerbaijan’s national dish which is often used as a main dish. Soyutma is also often served with chopped tomatoes, onions, and sour cream.

2. Lyulya Kebab

Lyulya is a variety of kebabs from Azerbaijan that uses ground mutton. For the seasoning mix, only use chopped onions, salt and pepper.

After mixing, the mutton needs to be kneaded for a long time so that the results are soft. The meat will be skewered and then grilled until cooked.

3. Domates Dolmasi

Although believed to have originated in Turkey, this dish is also very popular and easy to find in Azerbaijan. In the form of tomatoes, the contents are removed and then filled with a mixture of ground mutton, parsley, onions, rice, olive oil, mint, and other spices.

After adding the filling, then the dolmasi domates is cooked until the filling is cooked and the tomato flesh feels soft. Usually domates dolmasi served with a sprinkling of chilies, tomato sauce, and eaten with yogurt is also more delicious.

4. Yarpaq Dolmasi

Yarpaq dolmasi is a national dish whose ingredients are wrapped in leaves. Used are minced mutton or beef, onions, rice, salt, pepper, butter and spices.

Yarpaq dolmasi in Azerbaijan usually uses grape leaves because it is easy to find in this country. This dish is often consumed as a late lunch or dinner menu.

5. Old Bugs

The menu of this one goat meat is quite simple. You only need to boil all the ingredients together such as mutton, tomatoes, pepper, onion and bay leaves.

Buglama means stew and is not only in Azerbaijan but can also be found in Georgia. Although goat meat is the most popular, buglama is also often replaced with fish.

6. Piti

Originating from one of the cities in Azerbaijan, namely Sheki, piti is cooked using a clay pot made in this city. Piti only uses ingredients such as mutton, onions, potatoes, chestnuts, prunes, and mixed with other spices.

Piti is a traditional food that is believed to be food for workers. It is called that because piti uses nutritious and filling ingredients, you know.

These are some typical Azerbaijan dishes that use mutton as the main ingredient. Who likes goat meat? Can’t wait to try it right?

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