5 Ways and Tips to Cook Free-range Chicken to Make it Soft

5 Ways and Tips to Cook Free-range Chicken to Make it Soft

Who doesn’t like to eat chicken meat? This one source of protein is very easy to get, processing it is not difficult. Apart from broiler chickens, there are also native chickens that have their own fans.

Although the price is more expensive, free-range chicken is considered healthier. However, processing free-range chicken must be more observant, so that the meat is not tough and tough. Here are tips for cooking free-range chicken so it’s soft and tasty.

1. Select native chickens

The first way that should not be forgotten is to choose the right type of free-range chicken. Choose a chicken that is still young. That way, the meat is not too hard and tastes better when processed.

Also make sure you choose free-range chicken with a fairly heavy weight. Don’t choose the thin one, you should take the one that still looks fat, huh.

2. Boil with coconut water or sugarcane pieces

Free-range chicken should also be boiled after cleaning. Instead of using plain water, coconut water can make chicken meat softer and smoother, you know.

It’s easy. Just mix coconut water with plain water. Enter the free-range chicken in it and boil it until the water is boiling. Always check the level of tenderness of the meat, if it is enough, immediately remove and drain.

Apart from coconut water, you can use slices of sugar cane or young papaya when boiling it. The meat will be soft without losing its distinctive flavor.

3. Chicken Presto just a moment

If you want a more practical method and it’s certain that the free-range chicken is tender, use a pressure cooker. Before you put it in the pan, make sure the chicken has been thoroughly washed.

After that, cut the free-range chicken into equal parts. Don’t be too small or vice versa. Boil in a pressure cooker for ten minutes.

Make sure the process isn’t too long. Over time, the chicken meat will not be cooked, but it will actually be destroyed, you know.

4. If there is no presto, soak in pineapple

Don’t worry if you don’t have a pressure device at home. You can still make the chicken tender soaked in grated pineapple.

The trick, peel the pineapple and grate it completely. Then, coat the chicken that has been washed evenly with grated pineapple. Leave it on for 20 minutes to soak in, then rinse thoroughly.

5. Marinate native chickens until absorbed

Before cooking, it is better if the chicken is soaked in spices first. Besides enriching the taste, the texture is softer, you know.

For boiled chicken, soak in the marinade for an hour. Store in the refrigerator until absorbed, so that the results will be even more delicious and savory. If so, you can start processing it, guaranteed soft, deh.

So, those are some tips and how to cook free-range chicken so that the meat is more tender. It tastes better too, deh. Happy cooking!

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