5 Various Flavors of Processed Cream Puffs Suitable for Snacks at Home

5 Various Flavors of Processed Cream Puffs Suitable for Snacks at Home

The various flavors of soft cream that are used as the filling of the eclairs are sure to have an appetizing delicacy and are guaranteed to make it difficult for anyone’s tongue to stop tasting them. You can make this cream puff with a variety of flavors as a sweet snack for friends to drink tea at during me time or family gatherings at home.

So, you definitely want to know what various flavors of creams you can make the idea of filling the eclairs into cream puffs, right? Here are five ideas from cream puff preparations that can be used as inspiration below! Come on, let’s listen!

1. Coffee cream puffs

The bitter taste of steeping coffee combined with corn flour, milk, vanilla essence, egg yolk, sugar, and butter into a soft cream is perfect for filling the eclairs. You can add a sprinkling of powdered sugar on top of the coffee cream puffs when eating it with loved ones at home.

The sweet and bitter sensation of cream that feels soft with the eclairs, guaranteed to make anyone addicted to its deliciousness.

2. Orange cream puffs

You can make tea with your family at home with this fragrant orange cream puffs with a sticky taste!

The filling of the eclairs consists of a mixture of egg yolk, milk, sugar, orange juice, grated orange peel, vanilla essence, butter, and corn flour. Then cook the cream until it thickens over low heat. Once cooked, fill the cream on the eclairs that have been sliced into two parts.

3. Strawbery cheesecake cream puffs

The next cream puff process is certainly no less delicious, namely combining strawberry jam and cream cheese as a filling that has a sticky and creamy taste at the same time.

The eclairs that have been sliced in half then spread the strawberry jam. Then mix cream cheese with vanilla essence and powdered sugar then put it in a plastic triangle then print on the strawberry jam.

For the final touch, sprinkle with powdered sugar and strawberries, cheesecake, cream puffs, ready for you to enjoy.

4. Caramel apple cream puff

You need two steps when making this cream puff filling, namely the first to make cream from a mixture of egg yolk, caramel, milk, corn flour, sugar, and butter. Then the second, cook the apple cubes over low heat with sugar until well blended.

When you are about to enjoy the delicious caramel apple cream puff, put a splash of caramel on top. The soft, sticky taste in the mouth will certainly attract anyone’s tongue to continue eating it.

5. Vanilla custard cream puffs

Vanilla custard cream puffs, which have a sticky taste, are perfect for you to make as a snack to accompany a warm cup of tea or coffee in the late afternoon. The legit filling consists of a mixture of egg yolk, corn flour, milk, sugar, vanilla essence, and butter mixed together.

The ingredients of making vanilla custard cream puffs are easy to find, so you can practice vanilla custard cream puffs yourself at home.

There are five choices of cream puff flavors that are suitable for you to snack at home. In addition, you can use the various cream puffs above as sales inspiration, which of course the taste will be suitable for both children and adults.

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