5 Typical Scottish Potato Dishes, Simple and Delicious Menu!

5 Typical Scottish Potato Dishes, Simple and Delicious Menu!

Scotland is a country on the European continent which is adjacent to the United Kingdom. The cuisine in this country is quite famous because of the many cheese products produced and other fresh ingredients such as salmon.

However, not only these ingredients, potatoes are also often processed into various delicious dishes, you know in Scotland. Are you curious about what Scottish menus contain potatoes? Come on, let’s listen!

1. Neeps and Tatties

Neeps and tatties is a simple dish where boiled potatoes are ground together with a type of radish called swede. Once smooth, the potatoes will be seasoned with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Neeps and tatties are also often used as a side dish to enjoy Scotland’s national food called haggis. Haggis is a food made from goat offal.

2. Rumbledethumps

How to make rumbledethumps is quite complicated but the ingredients used are very simple. Potatoes as the main ingredient only need to be boiled and crushed. Then the cabbage and onions are thinly sliced ​​to stir-fry with the potatoes.

Once cooked, the stir fry is baked until brown and cheese is added as a topping. Rumbledethumps also has a different version in some parts of Scotland called kailkenny.

3. Potato Scones

One of the most popular breakfast menus in Scotland is the potato scone which is a bread made of potatoes, flour and butter which is often enjoyed with jam, sausage slices, bacon or fried eggs.

Potato scones are eaten while warm. This bread can also be stored and baked or heated when it is re-consumed.

4. Clapshot

Clapshot can be classified as a side dish because it is often eaten with meat dishes such as haggis. This food is made from mashed potatoes, chives, radish and onions mixed with milk and butter.

The clapshot is an intricate version of neeps and tatties and is often taken with whole wheat cakes or sausages.

5. Stovies

Stovies or stove tatties are a type of potato stew that has two versions. The first version uses only potatoes, carrots and onions. While the second version adds meat such as goat and beef.

The way to make it is quite easy because you just mix the ingredients together and cook until done. Stovies are usually served together with whole wheat and milk cakes.

Those are some Scottish potato dishes that are really simple but with delicious flavors. How, are you interested?

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