5 Types of Japanese Knives You Should Know, They Have Various Functions

5 Types of Japanese Knives You Should Know, They Have Various Functions

Several countries in the world are producers of quality knife crafters. For example, France has many knife crafters with the best materials, so it has maximum functionality and high selling prices. In Asia, you could say that Japan is the country that produces the best forged knives.

Each knife in Japan has a variety of shapes which indicate each of its respective functions, namely to cut thin fish meat or cut the meat and bones. To find out more about the types of Japanese knives and their functions, see the article below.

1. Gyuto

You can choose a Gyuto knife if you need a quality and multifunctional cutting tool. The shape with the right blade width helps you to cut various foodstuffs in the kitchen. Gyuto knife can be used to cut meat to vegetables. Gyuto blades are also generally thin to make a perfect cut when used for chopping fish.

2. Nakiri

Besides being very fond of fish, Japanese dishes also have a lot of vegetables. Starting from the main ingredient to dressing, vegetables are an important food ingredient.

For that also in Japan there is a nakiri knife. This type of knife is used for cutting vegetables. The nakiri knife does not have a sharp tip, but is flat and straight for faster and more precise cutting activities.

3. Deba

Fish dishes in Japan seem to be very popular with the people. Then created a type of knife which is called the deba. Unlike the nakiri which is devoted to cutting vegetables, deba is tougher because it is intended to cut fish intact.

This type of deba Japanese knife can also be made to cut tough fish bones. The sliced fish meat will be perfectly beautiful. Deba has a shape similar to a machete.

4. Leave

Besides fish and vegetables in Japan it is also typical with noodle dishes. Call it udon, soba, ramen and various forms and types of noodles are there. For this reason, the Japanese knife maker also offered menkiri.

This knife is specialized for cutting noodles. You know for yourself, don’t you know that the noodles have a thin shape and are prone to crumbling if cut. Menkiri is here so that the noodles can be cut perfectly without breaking the texture.

5. Sushikiri

Maybe from the name you can already guess the function of this knife. If you guessed that this knife is for cutting sushi, you are not mistaken. Japanese food which has invaded the whole world also requires a special knife to cut.

Even though the sushi is thick, chopping it carelessly will spoil it. It may be that the shape changes or the contents fall apart. Has a function that is not much different from the dean to the left, sushikiri is tough but doesn’t damage the texture of the sushi when it’s cut.

It turns out that in Japan to cut certain food ingredients you have to use a special knife. So it’s not enough if one knife is enough if you want to enjoy all of its functions. However, if you want to take it home, the Gyuto knife is worth having because it is multifunctional.

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