5 These Salad Creations Use Eclectic Ingredients, Some Use Noodles!

5 These Salad Creations Use Eclectic Ingredients, Some Use Noodles!

When we hear the word salad, maybe we immediately think of a bowl of green vegetables or a fresh, cold fruit salad. However, according to the Merriam-Webster page, salads are not just green vegetables or fruits.

Salad can also refer to any food that is mixed with dressings. Usually the salad is served cold.

As reported by the YouTube channel emmymade, here are a series of unique salad creations with unusual ingredients. Anything?

1. Crisco salad

Crisco is a shortening or white butter made from vegetable fat. Usually, crisco is used to make bread, cakes, or butter cream. However, this butter can also be processed into a salad dessert.

Mixed with canned pineapple and almonds, the salty taste of crisco can be covered. The dominating sweetness of the pineapple is complemented by the chewy jelly, savory crackers, and cold whipped cream. Looks delicious, huh?

2. Salad cookies

This one snack is often served in the midwest of the United States, namely in North Dakota and Minnesota. Unlike salads in general, salad cookies use whipped topping mixed with pineapple, orange slices, and crushed pastries.

With all of these ingredients, salad cookies are not recommended for those of you who are on a diet program. This is because the salad has quite high calories like a dessert.

3. Circus peanut salad

This salad is not made from nuts, but from circus peanut candies that are similar to solid marshmallows. You will combine some of the circus peanut with a mixture of whipped topping and pineapple.

For information, this orange candy does not have a peanut flavor, but has a banana flavor. However, after being combined with these ingredients, it is the pineapple taste that is the most striking of this salad.

4. Snickers salad

Also a midwestern dish, how to make salad snickers is straightforward. All you need to do is chop apples and snickers, then mix them with whipped cream.

This salad flavor combination is also quite unique, namely the sweet snickers will be neutralized by the acidic apple so you won’t get bored when eating them. What’s unique is that in the area where it comes from, snickers salad is used as a side dish or side dish, you know.

5. Sweet and crunchy ramen salad

Finally, there is a salad that uses instant noodles. However, not just instant noodles, there are many other ingredients that are mixed, such as coca-cola, honey, strawberry jam, skin crackers, and also vegetables.

Visually, it’s similar to regular fried noodles that go great with rice. However, there is a unique blend of sweet-salty taste with the crunchiness of the vegetables. Maybe, boarding house boys can try this recipe, huh?

Those were five eccentric salad creations that you can try to make at home. Apparently, you can also make salads from pastries, snickers, candy, and even noodles. It’s weird, but looks really good, here!

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