5 Tasty and Tempting Garlic Bread Creations, Don’t Stop Chewing!

5 Tasty and Tempting Garlic Bread Creations, Don’t Stop Chewing!

Garlic bread is processed bread that is added with garlic butter, which is a mixture of oil or butter with fine garlic and usually added with parsley to add aroma.

This snack tends to be savory and is perfect for drinking a cup of coffee or tea. However, garlic bread is not only served plain. Because here are five delicious creations from these aromatic preparations that are addicting.

1. Cheesy garlic bread

For cheese fans, combining bread with dairy products on this one is the best way to enjoy food. Especially if the bread used is a dish of garlic bread, which is tasty and has a sharp aroma.

In making this food you are free to use any bread to use, especially various French breads, cut it neatly and then sprinkle with garlic butter and mozzarella cheese, bake for a moment, and serve with a sprinkling of parsley leaves.

2. Korean cream cheese garlic bread

Talking about garlic bread is incomplete if you don’t mention the food that was on the rise some time ago, namely Korean cream cheese garlic bread. This bread has a slightly sweet and savory taste that makes you hungry.

There are several main components in the manufacture of this food. The first is the round bread which is sliced but not broken. Then fill each incision using cream cheese and coat the whole bread with garlic butter.

3. Chicken parmesan stuffed garlic bread

For those of you who can’t get away from processed bread with chicken meat, you can try a dish called chicken parmesan stuffed garlic bread as a delicious snack or dinner menu.

This preparation is made with boneless fried chicken that is rolled with mozzarella sheets. Prepare the bread and remove some of the contents, put in the cheese roll and pour the top of the bread with a mixture of parmesan and garlic butter before baking.

4. Pull apart garlic bread

Pull apart garlic bread is perfect as a friend to drink tea in the afternoon. The mouthwatering fragrance of garlic butter combines together with the melted cheese that is in each layer of bread.

The distinctive feature of pull apart garlic bread lies in cutting the bread which is usually sliced into small pieces but not broken. The part of the gap that has been sliced is then evenly filled using slices of mozzarella and garlic butter.

5. Classic pesto garlic bread

Pesto is a type of sauce from Italy that is quite often used in pasta preparations and has a green color with a touch of delicious taste and is fresh when combined with certain foods.

But not only pasta, bread also goes well with this sauce. Just mix the pesto with butter, crushed onions, and fresh basil. Spread on bread and bake together.

Those are the five mouth-watering garlic butter creations that can inspire snacks at home. Not only delicious, these five foods have a seductive aroma so that they can increase your appetite, you know!

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