5 Sumatran culinary delights that take time, deserve delicious

5 Sumatran culinary delights that take time, deserve delicious

There is a saying, “no results betray effort”. The adage does not only apply to humans, you know! The food is the same. How come?

Have you ever tasted the softness of milkfish satay? The culinary from Banten is made with great care and takes a long time. As a result, the milkfish satay is very delicious with a soft meat texture.

If the milkfish satay comes from Java, here are five culinary delights in Sumatra that take a long time to make.

1. Meuseukat

Mesuseukat is a type of Acehnese lunkhead made from pineapple. Not only processing the dough until it has a soft texture, the decoration on the top surface of the meuseukat is also made with great care and care so it takes a long time too.

But, guaranteed not to disappoint! The beauty of the dodol decoration that matches the sweetness, actually makes you not have the heart to enjoy it.

2. Rendang

It’s no secret that the process of making rendang takes quite a long time. Moreover, the resulting meat has a soft texture with spices that permeate the meat fibers. Naturally, this culinary origin from Tanah Minang is recognized as the most delicious food in the world.

3. Cincalok

Popular in the Riau Islands and Kalimantan, cincalok itself is a type of chili sauce made from geragau shrimp or rebon shrimp. The shrimp fermentation process, making culinary mixes with various side dishes, goes through a long manufacturing stage.

4. Tamarind bamboo shoots liling

So the culinary favorite of the people of Bengkulu, tamarind bamboo shoots are also processed in quite a long time. Not when cooking it, but waiting a few days for the bamboo shoots to produce a sour taste on their own.

After going through the acidification process for several days, the bamboo shoots are cooked in soup with the addition of liling or river snails. This culinary is often chosen as a side dish.

5. Cake eight hours

This cake, which can only be found on holidays such as Eid and Chinese New Year, comes from Palembang.

Made from flour and duck eggs, the eight hours cake is indeed made for eight hours, you know! This is because the cake produces a soft texture when chewed. Because in the past, cake lapan jam was a snack that was generally enjoyed by aristocrats only.

Isn’t it true that food that goes through a long manufacturing process also produces delicious and different tastes?

There is another Sumatran culinary that has been processed for a long time, do you know? Come on, share your answers in the comments column.

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