5 snacks made from caramel and cashews that make the dish even tastier!

5 snacks made from caramel and cashews that make the dish even tastier!

Cashews and caramel are an epic combination in food processing because they contain both sweet and savory flavors, these two ingredients are often used as flavor enhancers for a variety of delicious snacks ranging from main dishes to desserts.

Here are five kinds of delicious foods made from cashews and caramel that can be used as inspiration for preparing delicious dishes at home. What are the snacks?

1. Cashew caramel brownies

Cashew caramel brownies are suitable for those of you who like the combination of strong chocolate and savory caramel flavors, this dish is an alternative snack that makes snacks even more exclusive.

To keep the brownie texture softer and crunchy, you can add the cashews in the mixture. Meanwhile, caramel can be used as a topping to make the cake taste even more delicious.

2. Caramel cashew cheesecake

Cheesecake is often a mainstay snack to serve yourself, friends, or family. The rich taste of the food with a touch of sweet and savory cheese, makes this dish even more popular.

Of the many variants of cheesecake available, one that you can try is a mixture of cheesecake with caramel and cashews. Peanuts can be crushed to mix as a crust, while caramel is used as a topping with whole cashews.

3. Cashew caramel tassies

Cashew caramel tassies is here for you food lovers that contain lots of filling and are delicious, tassie in the mention of this dish refers to small or mini crusts.

The crust is processed from a mixture of flour and roasted cashews that are crushed together, then added with eggs, butter, and sugar. While the filling is made with caramel, whipped cream, and roasted cashews.

4. Cashew caramel turtle

This one snack not only has a sweet taste, but it also has a slightly salty touch in the food which makes it even more delicious and addictive.

As the name suggests, the cashew caramel turtle has a shape that is somewhat similar to a turtle with a shell. The legs are made from piles of cashews, while the house is processed using melted caramel which is overwritten with melted chocolate.

5. Cashew caramel popcorn

One of the family’s favorite snacks, namely popcorn or popcorn never disappoints. The taste of savory food can make you feel at home chewing without realizing it.

Of the many popular popcorn variants, caramel popcorn is pretty much an idol. But now, you can add cashews to the process so that the texture is more diverse and delicious.

So, those are the five preparations from a mixture of caramel and cashews that make a food look more different with a richer delicious taste. How, are you interested in tasting it?

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