5 Processes Made From Delicious Red Beans, Which Is Your Favorite Menu?

5 Processes Made From Delicious Red Beans, Which Is Your Favorite Menu?

Red beans are a type of legume that is quite popular for consumption. This type of bean is indeed processed into a variety of delicious menus. Apart from that, kidney beans also give a different color appearance. What are the dishes made from red beans? Let’s see first.

1. Red bean tortilla wraps

If tortillas usually have meat or vegetable filling, then this menu is different because it uses nuts. The red bean slices were used as the filling for this one tortilla. The texture is crunchy and gives a delicious sensation.

2. Red bean curry

If you want to have a soup menu, then this menu can be used as a reference. This menu uses curry sauce that is very flavorful with spices. It’s even more delicious eaten warm with warm rice.

3. Red bean mochi

Apart from being used as an ingredient for cooking, red beans are also often used as a paste. There are various menus that use red bean paste, one of which is mochi. This mochi menu uses red bean paste as the filling.

4. Red bean sweet soup

This menu is also a soup dish that uses red beans as an ingredient. Red beans are made into a sweet soup with a thick consistency. The taste is certainly sweet and appetizing, perfect for dessert.

5. Japanese sweet rice and red bean

If you are bored with the same red bean menu, then you can make this one dish. This menu is rice combined with red beans. Of course, it will be very delicious when tasted.

Of course, there are various dishes that use red beans as an ingredient. Which do you think is the most delicious?

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