5 Mistakes When Making Scrambled Eggs, They Don’t Feel Good

5 Mistakes When Making Scrambled Eggs, They Don’t Feel Good

Scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs that are creamy and soft are always perfect for breakfast. Not just eaten regularly, you can also be creative with scrambled eggs. You can add toast or make it into a sandwich.

Even though the cooking method is fairly easy, not everyone can make it right. If you still don’t get the perfect taste and quality of scrambled eggs, try to pay attention to the five cooking mistakes below.

1. Using cast iron skillet

Choosing the right pan is very important for cooking scrambled eggs. Use a non-stick or stainless steel skillet.

If you use the cast iron skillet, the eggs will stick and stick to the skillet. Don’t forget to coat the oil on a heated stainless steel pan, so that the eggs don’t stick.

2. Cook over high heat

To produce scrambled eggs that are soft and moist, you must use a low heat. So be patient. Always control the heat in the frying pan, so that the eggs cook evenly and don’t burn.

3. Break the eggs straight into the skillet

Cooking scrambled eggs is tricky. So, we have to make preparations before cooking.

One of them is beating the eggs separately before cooking. Don’t think about breaking eggs straight into the frying pan, unless you are very good at it.

4. Do not stir the eggs in the pan

Don’t forget to stir the eggs regularly so that they cook evenly. If you leave the bottom half un-stirred, it will cook too quickly and dry out.

5. Let the eggs cook in the hot pan

When the eggs are cooked the way you want them, don’t forget to immediately move them to another container. Even though the fire has been turned off, the pan still retains heat.

If the eggs are still in there, they will be overcooked. Cover the scrambled eggs with aluminum foil to keep them warm. You can also add butter and cooking cream to make it more creamy and savory.

Well, hopefully there are no more mistakes when cooking scrambled eggs or scramble eggs. Good luck!

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