5 Interesting Facts about Biryani Rice, Processed Rice from South Asia

5 Interesting Facts about Biryani Rice, Processed Rice from South Asia

Biryani rice is processed rice that is processed together with various types of special spices that make this rice have a yellowish color and a distinctive savory taste.

In addition, this rice processing is also carried out together with various other components such as chicken, vegetables, shrimp, fish, beef, etc. depending on local tastes and culture.

Behind its delicious taste, do you know any interesting facts about biryani rice?

For those of you who are curious about interesting facts about biryani rice that can arouse your appetite, let’s see what!

1. Origin of biryani

This spicy-rich rice actually comes from mainland South Asia, especially India and Pakistan. However, some countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia have also recognized biryani rice as one of the delicious foods that is often consumed even though with slightly different components from the country of origin.

2. Origin of the name biryani

The origin of the name biryani is apparently taken from the Persian word beryā which means fried or grilled. This turned out to be based on the ancient habit of processing rice by frying it in ghee before finally boiling it together with special spices until it is half cooked.

3. Similar to Kabuli rice

Perhaps most Indonesians will be more familiar with Kabuli rice than biryani. Kabuli rice shows the influence of Arabic culture on delicious Indonesian dishes.

Although they are similar in appearance, the processing process is different. Biryani rice does not need to be stirred continuously and just let it sit until the seasonings are absorbed, besides that the components of the dining companion for kebuli rice and biryani rice are quite different. 4. Often served for Eid

4. Often served for Eid

Who would have thought that biryani rice could also be a dish served on holidays such as Eid al-Fitr. The type that is often served is chicken briyani rice which has a distinctive delicious taste. This menu is of course very suitable as an alternative choice for chatting with relatives and relatives.

5. There are many kinds of biryani

Briyani rice does have a fairly high popularity for its existence, seen from the many types that can be selected from this delicious rice preparation. Call it like the hyderabad biryani which is non-vegetarian because there are many meat components in it, Iranian biryani which uses mutton as the main complementary component, and tahiri which is a type of biryani for vegetarians.

Well, the 5 interesting facts about biryani rice above can be information for you to get to know this one food better. What do you think?

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