5 dishes made from soy sauce, add to the delicacy of the dish menu!

5 dishes made from soy sauce, add to the delicacy of the dish menu!

Soy sauce is a food ingredient made from soybeans. The taste is of course salty mixed with savory.

Usually, soy sauce is widely used as a choice of ingredients to complement various menus. Then, what are the delicious menus with the addition of soy sauce? Check out the list.

1. Soy sauce chicken

Chicken preparations are perhaps one of the most popular uses of soy sauce. Like this one chicken menu because it is marinated with soy sauce first. Furthermore, this menu will be fried until the texture turns crispy.

2. Soy sauce tofu

Can be a typical dish on a home-made menu, this diced tofu dish also uses soy sauce as an ingredient. The tofu will be marinated before being fried. The remaining marinated soy sauce gives a complete tasting sensation

3. Mushroom with a soy sauce glaze

The menu that is not left behind is this one mushroom dish. This mushroom is processed by baking it with soy sauce as an ingredient. The softness of the mushrooms combined with the salty savory taste gives a different combination of flavors.

4. Japanese soy sauce egg

Still with the marinated results, this egg is one of the choices. The boiled eggs will then go through the marination process with soy sauce until absorbed. As a result, the color of the eggs will change to a darker, salty taste, of course.

6. Soy sauce fried rice

For those of you who like to eat rice and savory dishes, this fried rice menu can be an option. This fried rice dish uses soy sauce as its main ingredient. The result will be a darker color with a savory and salty taste of rice. Combine with chopped green onions and egg as complementary ingredients.

It turns out that there are quite a lot of dishes made from soy sauce that you can taste at home. Which one suits your taste?

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