5 delicious preparations from a mixture of chicken and eggs that make you feel hungry

5 delicious preparations from a mixture of chicken and eggs that make you feel hungry

Eggs and chicken meat are both good sources of protein for the body if consumed in sufficient quantities. Not only are they known for their benefits, these two food ingredients are also easy to find and have a delicious taste.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for eggs and chicken meat to come together in one serving to complement the taste and texture of a meal. So, if you think about processing these two ingredients, here are five delicious dishes made from chicken and eggs that you must try.

1. Chicken and egg skillet

This dish of chicken and eggs is not only delicious served as a side dish with rice, but is also suitable to be eaten with various breads to make it more practical, including as a hunger booster menu.

Chicken and egg skillet is food that is processed using various spices such as onions, oregano, and tomato sauce and cooked in a flat frying pan, while eggs will be added once all the ingredients including the meat are half cooked.

2. Chicken schnitzel and sunny side up

This one food is very suitable to be served as a practical breakfast menu that is delicious and rich in protein, it is chicken schnitzel and sunny side up. The chicken meat used in the process is the boneless breast part.

First, the meat needs to be marinated with various spices, roll it in wheat flour or bread flour and fry until cooked. Serve the schnitzel with the beef eye egg on top.

3. Chicken and egg salad

Chicken meat and eggs are quite an epic combination when processed into foods such as salads, not only these two components, the addition of vegetables such as spinach leaves will make the food even more delicious.

You can marinate the meat and roast it briefly, while eggs will be more delicious if you boil it half-cooked in the yolk, then serve it with your favorite dressing.

4. Oyakodon

Oyakodon is a food in the form of a classic rice bowl originating from Japan, this preparation is usually served from rice with a topping in the form of a mixture of eggs and chicken thighs cooked together.

The seasonings used in the preparations are not far from the use of dashi, which is the basic broth that is characteristic of these various dishes with the nuances of the cherry country. Not only that, the addition of onions also gives an extra delicious aroma.

5. Chicken scotch egg

Chicken scotch egg is a delicious snack that has a shape almost similar to meatballs and is processed using chicken meat as a raw material for the outer skin of the dish.

This food uses boiled egg as a filling, meanwhile the outer dough is processed using boneless chicken meat with a mixture of vegetables and seasonings which are crushed in a food processor.

Those are the five delicious preparations of eggs and chicken meat that you can inspire for today’s cooking, the flavors of these two delicious foods can make you and your family addicted, you know!

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