5 Delicious Menu Made From Beef Ribs, The Softness Makes You Drool!

5 Delicious Menu Made From Beef Ribs, The Softness Makes You Drool!

Ribs are a part of beef that is often consumed. There are many menus that can be processed using ribs as an ingredient. The texture is soft and still wrapped in bones, it is delicious. This is supported by the spices that are used to soak. What menus use beef ribs? Come on, find out.

1. Smoky-sweet BBQ ribs short

You must have heard of this one menu, right? Processed from beef ribs as an ingredient. The way to process it is by baking it with a spread of barbecue sauce. Of course, it feels deep inside.

2. Galbi gui

Still with the roast beef ribs menu, this dish has a slight difference. Apart from being a typical Korean dish, this menu also uses topical spices as a sauce. Korean flavors are certainly very delicious and appetizing.

3. BBQ back ribs sandwich

This menu is also still served with soft and delicious roasted beef ribs. The difference is the different way of presenting it. The dish is using beef ribs as a filling for the layers of bread used. Tasted delicious and appetizing.

4. Fried ribs

If usually a lot of beef ribs are roasted or grilled, this menu is different. The reason is because this rib menu is processed by frying it. The crunchy texture and savory taste are maximized.

5. Beef ribs soup

If you want a soup menu, then you can process it with one soup dish. The beef ribs will be simmered in a delicious broth and served with chopped green onions. Of course, this menu tastes good to be enjoyed when it’s warm.

Well, of course there are many menu offerings that use beef ribs as an ingredient. Make you hungry, huh!

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