5 Delicious and Anti-Bored Roasted Carrot Food Creations!

5 Delicious and Anti-Bored Roasted Carrot Food Creations!

Carrots are rich vegetables found in orange and contain beta carotene which is good for the health of the body and can ward off free radicals.

There are various fun ways to process these vegetables into delicious food, one of which is roasting. However, this cooking process also has creations that are no less unique and delicious, such as the following five foods.

1. Grilled carrot hot dogs

For those of you who are reducing your consumption of meat and are switching to adding a menu of various vegetables, roasted carrots can be innovated into filling for one of the fast food dishes such as hot dogs.

Instead of using sausage or meat products, you can use roasted carrots and replace them with a variety of favorite sauces to make the grilled carrot hot dog taste even more delicious.

2. Grilled carrot with yogurt

Who says yogurt is only suitable to be served as an accompaniment to fruit. This time, the sour-tasting product seems to be able to make baked carrots look different but still delicious.

To add flavor and aroma to food, carrots need to be roasted with a coat of ground cinnamon first. While yogurt is mixed with a little salt and lemon juice.

3. Honey lemon grilled carrot

Carrots are no less delicious when eaten with a touch of the distinctive fresh taste of lemon and a little added honey as a complement. This food is known as honey lemon grilled carrot.

If you want to roast carrots, it’s best to coat them first with pepper and salt to make them taste richer. After removing it from the grill, you can coat the vegetables with the sauce from the lemon and honey.

4. Grilled carrot wrapped bacon

One way to serve grilled carrots that is no less delicious is to continue with a process called grilled carrot wrapped bacon, especially for you or those who are learning to eat vegetables.

Here, you are free to use the carrot skin as whole or if you want to remove it first. Choose carrots that are not too large so that the bacon slabs stick together perfectly before baking.

5. Grilled carrot salad

Roasted carrots are also very suitable when used as the main ingredient for a salad-making menu. This food can be processed as a dish for breakfast or dinner which is practical and delicious.

Not only carrots, you can add asparagus or spinach to the dish and add a dressing that suits your taste such as mayonnaise, mustard, or delicious feta cheese into all components.

Those are the five food creations from delicious and unbearable roasted carrots. How, are you interested in making one of the preparations above?

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