5 Chicken Creations from Peru that Taste Really Authentic, Yummy!

5 Chicken Creations from Peru that Taste Really Authentic, Yummy!

Peru is known as a country that has many historical tours. One of them is Machu Picchu which is a place known for its historical value and natural beauty that is effective in spoiling the eye.

Not only that, Peruvian cuisine is also quite interesting and has a winning taste. Well, this time we will discuss processed chicken creations from Peru. Immediately scroll down, let’s go!

1. Aji de gallina

Aji de gallina is a dish made of shredded chicken with a thick yellow sauce. The sauce is made from walnuts, cheese and yellow peppers.

The combination of sweet and savory taste makes your mouth won’t refuse to eat it. Usually aji de gallina is accompanied by carbohydrates such as rice and boiled potatoes.

2. Caldo de gallina

If it’s raining, the right dish to eat is soup. Not only to fill your stomach, but soup is also able to warm the body, you know.

In Peru, there is a soup whose name is well known, namely caldo de gallina or you can call it chicken soup. To make it even more delicious, you can add dumplings or noodles in the soup, you know. It’s so delicious!

3. Escabeche de pollo

Escabeche de pollo is a common dish that is usually served at parties. The combination of chicken with pickles and special spices makes this Peruvian special culinary taste so tantalizing on the tongue.

In order to meet energy needs, pieces of boiled eggs and rice are very suitable as side dishes.

4. Juane

Juane is a typical food that comes from the Peruvian jungle. The method of making it is enough to mix chicken, olives, boiled eggs, and rice which have been seasoned with spices, then wrapped in bijao leaves (similar in shape to banana leaves) and cooked.

The distinctive aroma will be smelled when you open the leaf package. Juane itself has a savory taste that bites the tongue.

5. Pollo ala brasa

Who hasn’t tried grilled chicken? Well, it turns out that this dish comes from Peru, you know.

Pollo ala brasa (grilled chicken) is made from whole chicken that has been marinated with special spices, then grilled until the chicken is browned.

The savory taste of brasa-style pollo will be even more delicious when eaten with rice or french fries. Can be used as a lunch menu with family, here.

That’s chicken from Peru which tastes really authentic. Of the five culinary delights above, which one would you like to taste?

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