5 Cakes with Onions, Recommended Snacks for Savory Lovers!

5 Cakes with Onions, Recommended Snacks for Savory Lovers!

In the culinary world, there are various foods consisting of various flavors to satisfy the taste buds of snack lovers ranging from sweet, salty, spicy, even bitter though.

One type of food that has many fans is cake. However, the preparations this time are not cooked with mainstream ingredients, because one of the ingredients used comes from onions and produces a more savory taste.

What are the five savory cakes made with the basic ingredients of various onions?

1. Cheddar green onion biscuits

The first cake preparations came as cheddar and green onion biscuits. This food is an adaptation of crispy and moist biscuits that are often prepared with a predominantly salty and savory taste.

The biscuit dough used in this snack is not much different from similar foods. It’s just that you need to add grated cheddar cheese with sliced green onions to make it even more delicious.

2. Bacon and onion biscuits

Bacon and onion biscuits are a variety of moist biscuits that are popular enough to be used as a hunger booster. The shape itself is mostly made round to make it easier during the cooking process.

Especially for these preparations, the raw materials used are thinly sliced bacon sheets and one onion to add flavor and aroma to the biscuits that have been baked.

3. Poppy onion cracker

One of the delicious snacks that is suitable as a food to accompany a cup of tea and coffee is crackers. This thin snack with a touch of crunchy texture is perfect for a family meal.

Types of salty crackers that can be an inspiration to make are poppy and onion crackers. This food not only contains the savory taste of salt, but also the sharp aroma and taste due to the use of powdered onions and popi seeds.

4. Caramelized onion biscuits

For fans of biscuits with a moist texture with a unique taste that makes it difficult for your mouth to stop chewing, you can prepare caramelized onion biscuits as a brand-new snack at home.

This food is almost similar to similar soft biscuits. It’s just that there are additional sauteed onions that have been caramelized into the biscuit dough and bake until they’re all cooked.

Spring onion butter cookies

Spring onion butter cookies are the name for a savory, salty cake that is processed by involving green onions as a flavor enhancer while also enhancing the appearance of the food.

The main raw material for making this cake is not far from other pastries, namely wheat flour, butter, refined sugar, and you can also add powder flavorings to sharpen the savory taste of the process.

Those are the five cakes with savory flavors and are processed using raw materials derived from onions. As a fan of salty foods, are you interested in tasting one of them?

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